One of the most important things I must decide on before I continue with creating the comic is style – not only what drawing style I will use but also what kind of color scheme I’ll use to contribute to that style. The question of color vs. black and white is a curious one. The […]

Just as a notice although it looks like I wrote the timeline without any kind of format once you click the link it should show you a break down of my proposed work schedule in table format. TimeLine of Work & Assignments – Fall Quarter Weeks 1-4 Storyboarding & Research Week 5 Presentation & Design […]

Column1 Column2 Column3 Column4 List of Assets Progress Completed Environment 1 – The Garage 2-3 Car exteriors 1 Car interior Inner Area of parking garage Environment 2 – Police Station Interior Office Desk Lamp Bulletin Board Television Television Stand Case Files cabinets Environment 3 – Hospital  Front Desk Chairs Plant Interior of Hospital Lobby Computer […]

When working on any artwork it’s important to have resources here are a few of mine: Hopefully not long from now I’ll also be able to grab a hold of a copy of Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics until then the books above as well as the few comics I have in possession  are proving to be valuable […]

Once I decided on my project and the (basic) story I wanted to make the next thing I had to do was more research, to see what was already out there in terms of merging 3D and 2D art in comics. Unfortunately most of what I found by way of 3D in comics was either […]