What Story?

When considering the kind of story I would like to produce I came up to a bit of a road block, I had more than one idea that I could pursue, though none of them were entirely flushed out.

1) The first idea I seriously considered was a story about spies. The idea actually originated from a short two page comic I had made several years ago in black and white. The story, set some time in the unforeseeable future, took place in an academy that trained spies. The academy would host games every year pitting young spies against each other in a sort of “capture the flag” type game. Part of the intrigue was supposed to not only be figuring out who your enemy was, but also retrieving an object (which I never identified). While this could have been fun to pursue and of course had the added bonus of already made characters, I felt like perhaps it was time to try something new.



Above : A few panels of my previous untitled comic


2) The second idea floating around my head was much less flushed out in terms of story, though I had the characters mostly done. The story centered around a young teen who was the bread winner of his family and did things like illegal fighting to provide for them. To be honest the story would probably not have been very original and as one person told me – seemed like something out of the movie franchise Rocky. Even so while I considered the the idea I had fun watching an episode of Human Weapon, an old show on the History Channel geared towards studying fighting styles. Click the link below to see a clip!


3) The final story line I was debating centered around people with powers – and I know what you’re thinking, there’s already an influx of stories about extraordinary individuals doing things we could only image, especially in the world of comics. (Think X-men, The Avengers, Superman, Powers, Invincible, etc.) The idea for this comic however will not focus on superheroesIn fact it starts off two characters using their powers to steal from a fellow thief. The idea is to focus on the lives of “normal” people who happen to have these abilities. Though I’m hoping to stay away from the idea of explicit good or bad guys. Instead the characters with these abilities will be mostly in conflict with each other.

In the end I decided to focus on the last story, since I thought it would be a new and refreshing option.


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